Carina Dunlop’s paper on micromechanical mapping of the ovary published in Biomaterials

The paper “Micromechanical mapping of the intact ovary interior reveals contrasting mechanical roles for follicles and stroma“, co-authored by Thomas Hopkins (Imperial College), Victoria Bemmer (Imperial College), Stephen Franks (Imperial College), Carina Dunlop, Kate Hardy (Imperial), and Iain Dunlop (Imperial), has been published in the journal Biomaterials. The published article is available here. The paper is based on a collaborative project with the Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology and the Department of Materials, both at Imperial College. In the paper, they have characterised the mechanical properties of the ovary and have shown how these vary spatially, even on very small length scales. The image below is of an ovary and is from an experiment that is different but related to the paper.

Image courtesy of Tom Hopkins