Thalia Rodriguez Garcia takes part in launch of the new centre for dementia research in joint Imperial-Surrey initiative

Last week (16-20 May) was Dementia Action Week. Resonating with this theme was the launch event for the new UK Dementia Research Institute Care Research & Technology Centre (DRI C&T) which is a collaboration between Imperial College London and the University of Surrey. The Imperial news item on the launch is here and the homepage for the new centre is here. Thalia is a PDRA and member of the Sleep Research team led by Prof Derk-Jan Dijk (Director, Surrey Sleep Research Centre) for the DRI C&T. Thalia is jointly supervised by Anne Skeldon and Derk-Jan Dijk. As part of the project, Anne holds a Visiting Professor position at Imperial. The grant also provides funds for Anne‘s staff time and funds Thalia‘s post. The pictures are (left) the display that the team set up and (right) a group photo. The startup event included a visit from MP Gillian Keegan. In the display photo, Thalia is standing second from the left (and ninth from left in group photo). (Click on the image to enlarge.)