Paper of Vaibhav Gautam and Masanori Hanada on matrix entanglement published in JHEP

The paper “Matrix entanglement“, co-authored by Vaibhav Gautam, Masanori Hanada, Antal Jevicki (Brown University), and Cheng Peng (Kavli Institute, Beijing), has been accepted for publication in the Journal of High Energy Physics (final form arXiv version here). The paper discusses how the entanglement on the gravity side can be described as the entanglement between matrix degrees of freedom. Their approach, which they call ‘matrix entanglement’, is different from ‘target-space entanglement‘ proposed and discussed recently by several groups. They consider several classes of quantum states to which the approach can play important roles. It is applied to the fuzz sphere, and a small black hole in AdS5*S5 that can evaporate without being attached to a heat bath. Full details can be found at the arXiv link above. The image below shows Figure 3 from the paper.