Paper of D’Onofrio and Roulstone on Lagrangian submanifolds published by the Royal Society

The paper “Solutions and Singularities of the Semigeostrophic Equations via the Geometry of Lagrangian Submanifolds“, co-authored by Roberto D’Onofrio (Surrey/Milano-Bicocca), Giovanni Ortenzi (Milano-Bococca), Ian Roulstone, and Volodya Rubtsov (Angers, France), has been accepted for publication in the Proceedings A of the Royal Society of London. The final form arXiv version is available (link here). The paper studies the singular structure of a class of nonlinear Monge-Ampere equations in 3 dimensions, and applies it to an example solution of the semigeostrophic equations. The left image below shows FIgure 2 of the paper, and the right image clarifies Remark 3.3 in the paper.