Surrey team attends BAMC 2023 at the University of the West of England and Bristol University

A Surrey team (Rachel Bernasconi, Kieran Boniface, Dan Catlin, Dave Lloyd, Anne Skeldon, Matt Turner) attended the British Applied Mathematics Colloquium, held in Bristol, 3-5 April, and hosted by UWE and Bristol University (link to main webpage). Anne Skeldon co-organised (with Jake Ahern, Bristol) a minisymposium on “Mathematical modelling of sleep and circadian rhythms: from molecular mechanisms to policy” (MS Link here). In this minisymposium Rachel gave a talk on “Owls, larks and tongues – sleep timing in the two-process model of sleep-wake regulation“, Anne gave a talk on “Maths, sleep and policies for 21st century living“, and Anne’s collaborator from the Surrey Sleep Research Centre, Derk-Jan Dijk, also presented in the session. Dan and Dave co-organised (with Jonathan Ward, Leeds) a minisymposium on “Networks and complex systems in society” (MS Link here), with Dan giving a talk in the MS on “Analysing The Uncertainty of Wiretaps in Criminal Networks” (link here). Kieran gave a talk in the Cell and Tissue Mechanics session on “Mechanotransduction in organoid development” (link here). Matt gave a talk in the Applied Fluid Dynamics session on “Coupled sloshing and horizontal vessel motion with porous baffles” (link here). The image below shows the front page of the BAMC website.