Vaibhav Gautam and Masanori Hanada speak at APCTP in Pohang South Korea

Vaibhav Gautam is visiting RIKEN in Tokyo from early June until 23 June. Just before arriving in Tokyo, Vaibhav met up with Masanori Hanada and they visited APCTP (Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics) in Pohang, South Korea, for the period 12-22 May, in order to participate in the workshop on “Entanglement, Large N, and Black Holes”. At the workshop, Vaibhav gave a 30-minute talk on “Matrix Entanglement“, and Masanori gave a 60-minute talk on “Classical and quantum simulations for superstring theory“. A link to the website and programme is available (link here). Pohang is on the east coast of Korea towards the southeast corner. The photo below showsan advert for Vaibhav’s upcoming talk at RIKEN.