Book of Alessandro Torrielli has been accepted for publication by the Institute of Physics

The book “Integrability using the Sine-Gordon and Thirring Duality“, with sole author Alessandro Torrielli, has been accepted for publication by IOP Publishing. A synopsis of the book follows. Quantum field theory is typically not solvable in closed form and represents a very complex and extremely accurate description of elementary particle physics. Integrable quantum field theories are sufficiently simplified and yet maintain a huge richness of interesting effects. They normally reside in a 1+1 – dimensional world, and are characterised by exact S-matrices which are calculable in closed form starting from
fundamental physical requirements. The Sine-Gordon model, and its dual Thirring model, are two of the most famous and beautiful quantum integrable quantum field theories. This book explores their duality in detail, and takes the opportunity to provide a survey of some of the striking features emerging from non-perturbative quantisation. The book is aimed at PhD students and early researchers and is conceived as lecture notes with exercises, but we hope that practitioners will find it useful as well, particularly because this is the first book – to our knowledge – to specifically target the Sine-Gordon vs Thirring duality. Figure 10.1 in the book is shown below.