Paper of Napper, Roulstone and Wolf on Monge-Ampère geometry and vortices published in Nonlinearity

The paper “Monge-Ampère geometry and vortices“, co-authored by Lewis Napper, Ian Roulstone, Vladimir Rubtsov (University of Angiers) and Martin Wolf, has been published in Nonlinearity, with open access (link here). The paper introduces a new approach to Monge–Ampère geometry based on techniques from higher symplectic geometry. The work is motivated by the application of Monge–Ampère geometry to the Poisson equation for the pressure that arises for incompressible Navier–Stokes flows. Full abstract and details can be found at the above link. Lewis Napper is a PhD student of Martin Wolf (primary supervisor) and Ian Roulstone (second supervisor). The screenshot below shows Figure 2 from the paper.