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James Grant appointed to a Readership

James Grant has been appointed to a Readership in Mathematics at the University of Surrey, starting 2nd January 2012.  James received his PhD from the University of Cambridge in 1993, supervised by Stephen Hawking.  Since then he has held postdoctoral positions at the University of Pittsburgh, University of Newcastle, University of Hull,  and the Universita […]

Turner-Bridges paper accepted to J. Fluid Mechanics

The article “Nonlinear energy transfer between fluid sloshing and vessel motion” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics.  The article examines the dynamic coupling between a sloshing fluid and the motion of the vessel containing the fluid.  A nonlinear mechanism is identified which leads to an energy exchange between the vessel […]

Bevan talk at Oxford in January

Jon Bevan will be giving a talk in the PDE seminar at Oxford on Monday 14th January on “N-covering stationary points and constrained variational problems”.  The talk will show how degree N maps of the form u_N(z) = frac{z^N}{|z|^{N-1}}} arise naturally as stationary points of functionals like the Dirichlet energy. Moreover it is shown that […]

Kristiansen visits from DTU Copenhagen

Kristian Kristiansen of the Danish Technical University in Copenhagen is visiting the department from 12-21 December.  His host is Claudia Wulff.  He gave a talk in the Geometric Mechanics Seminar on Wednesday 12th December on “Iterative methods for computing canards“.  Claudia and Kristian are working on a project to prove exponential asymptotic estimates of slow […]

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