Programme of Events for Workshop at Chawton House Library, 21-24 July 2015

medieval-womenMonday 20 July

14:00 Welcome & Introductory Comments:  Diane Watt

4:30 Presentation & Workshop:  Clare Lees & Kathryn Maude (King’s College, London) ‘A Woman Without A Country’: Women’s Literary Culture and the Earliest Medieval English Texts

16:30 Informal Discussion

Tuesday 21 July

9:30 Liz Herbert McAvoy (Swansea University) ‘O der lady, be my help.’ Women’s Visionary Writing and the Devotional Literary Canon

11:30 Diane Watt (University of Surrey) Small Consolation: Pearl and Goscelin’s Liber Confortatorius

14:00 Amy Appleford (Boston University) The Sea Ground and the London Street: The Ascetic Self in Julian of Norwich and Thomas Hoccleve

16:00 Workshop: Speed Dating

Wednesday 22 July

9:30 Nancy Bradley Warren (Texas A&M University) Chaucer, the Chaucer Tradition and Female Monastic Readers

11:30 Laura Saetveit Miles (University of Bergen) What Nuns Read… and Didn’t Read

14:00 Corinne Saunders (University of Durham) Affective Reading: Chaucer, Women and Romance

16:00 Workshop: Ways Forward

Thursday 23 July

9:30 Denis Renevey (University of Lausanne) ‘she shalle ber a sonne þat ye shalle calle Ihesu:’ Eleanor Hull and the Tradition of the Devotion to the Name of Jesus

11:30 Sue Niebrzydowski (Bangor University) For the reverence of his mooder Marie: Chaucer, Lydgate and medieval women’s Marian devotion

14:00 Marion Wynne-Davies (University of Surrey) ‘I shall desire all you women to sing some songe of my deathe:’ Jane Lumley’s The Tragedie of Iphigenia and the liberation of female voices in early Tudor household theatre 15:30

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