Forthcoming Conference: Speaking Internationally: Women’s Literary Culture and the Canon in the Global Middle Ages

26 – 28 June 2019

Bangor University, LL57 2DG

Bangor University is delighted to host the latest event in association with the International Research Network, Women’s Literary Culture and the Medieval Canon.

About the conference

Our last conference, held at Bergen in 2017, encouraged lively conversations that focused predominantly on European texts and authors. At Bangor we will extend this dialogue by speaking internationally, and examining how our understanding of medieval European women writers and the canon might be enhanced by taking a more global perspective. What new light is shed by adopting a global perspective on medieval women’s literary modes and practices? What evidence exists for social and intellectual connectivity between European women’s textual culture and that of women living in the lands that border the Mediterranean and beyond? How do medieval women represent the global in their works and to what purposes?

Keynote Speakers

You will be addressed by:

  • Jonathan Hsy, The George Washington University,
  • Shazia Jagot, The University of Surrey,
  • Elaine Treharne, Stanford University.

Full programme and booking information can be accessed here.