Societies in Surrey

Societies provide the opportunity for student to try new activities and meet new people from different backgrounds. There a wide range of student societies in which you can join such as: Mechsoc, Arab Society, Egyptian Society, Islamic society … and the list keeps going on. You may also find that there is already a society for you course, but this depends on the course you are studying.

If there are not any societies that interest you, then you can just make your own society. To create your own society you will need to prove that there are a number of students who are interested in in the society that you want to create. Also you will need to present your case to existing societies to get backed. These meeting happen on a regular basis through out the year. Which means you can create a society at any time during the year.

Of course each society must have some structure with in it to insure its success. Most societies have the three key roles

  • President
  • Vice president
  • Treasurer

However, here are more positions, which societies might have but that depends on how big the actual society, is and what they do through out the year. For example you may be in charge of making social events for students or even maintain the societies website. Becoming one of the key members in a society provides with valuable work experience and is something in which you can put on you CV.

Being part of a society develops your time management skills, leadership skills and to employers it also gives valuable insight to employers about your character in terms of your commitment and your dependability.

Also by joining a society you will find that you connections through out surrey will increase and not just in you own society but in different ones as well even the one that you did not join. This is because societies tend to work together if they have similar interests or goals that they want to achieve. So you may find your self working with other societies in fundraising events, or having social events with them.

Some societies organise trips inside the UK this is a great way to get to know the UK and to start exploring new areas that you most probably will not have seen before. The Arab society tries to organise at least two trips through out the year previously trips were made to Bath and Brighton.

Of course being involved in a society is very hard work as it is very time consuming. This is why the student union have created awards to recognise the hard work that societies put in through out the year.

There are three types of awards Bronze, silver and gold. To get one of theses awards you will have to meet certain requirements created by the union.

Over all joining a society is a great experience as it will provide you with the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and might also enable you to explore new areas in the UK. It also develops you key skill that employers look out for.

So you cant really go wrong by joining a society!