Pre-Christmas at Guildford

Guildford town is a great area to have the overall experience required for your type of interests. It is very near to campus with a great way to spend your afternoons with breakfast and coffee, shopping and late evenings with dinners and drinks at the pubs throughout the night.

It consists of many outlets and worldwide brands to shop at, as well a place to  easily spend an entire day at.

During Christmas period the perception of cold winters being a dull environment is not true, as seeing it for the first time the lighting and excitement on people is huge. Loads of time goes on buying decorations for the house and presents. Enjoying the coffee nights  at a warm setting and having a good time with your friends.


Whichever time of day you would visit town it will be lively with music and loads of people out to do Christmas shopping and enjoying drinks with friends. Stoke park would have many carnivals at this time  with circus events and the Guildford castle as a historic viewing and to relax at.

The main places to go would be Whiterspoons, Whitehouse and Barthirteen late night to have a fun time after dinner.

Sales are usually good during the winter season making it accessible to by winter attire all together. The Friray mall and other outlets like selfridges have a great atmosphere similar to Dubai.

Loads of Christmas dinners are planned by the University for you to attend, especially one for International students.

The societies in university involve you in many preparations of events which happen before the holidays that you could be a part of and nights at Rubix to start of the Christmas Celebrations.

Many events to head out for before the New years to enjoy cuisine at different restaurants and music concerts happening in London.


The holiday period is a nice time to catch up with studies at your own pace before the exams, which will take place in January, which is described to us as a working holiday.