Time before the Exams

It is the New Year, but many if you still may not be feeling that excited about it as the Exams are around the corner. This does not mean their is no time to spend for some leisure and fun activities, such as going for bowling, playing pool or top golf.

Any sort of activity that you might like to start of with, maybe a suitable to choice to start the year by.

There may be time for couple of more visits to go to Central London, just to have a change in atmosphere and maybe spend time at Madame Tussaud’s or London Dungeon with friends.  Madame Tussaud’s is pretty interesting to spend half a day at with many 4D visual display, statues of celebrities and a nice store to shop at.

Taking the tubes to circle around London properly would be ideal for a gap from studies on the weekend.

Could be the time to try street foods on the way, explore famous tourist attractions and museums just to take your mind off from studies.

South Hall would be a place to visit for Asian cuisine and stores that you have started to miss from your home country. There is a variety of  with Indian and Pakistani restaurants to choose from, Ethnic clothes if required for a function and in general is a fun place to drop by at.

New Years I witnessed one of the best fireworks at London Eye which was about 12 minutes long with loud music and will be memorable.  Hope that this year is more successful for all of us.