What I did Over the Christmas Break

Hello Guys. Happy New Year to ALL. I hope everyone had a much more eventful Christmas break than myself.

As most of you may know from my previous post I stayed in Guildford over the Christmas break mainly to prepare for my exams. So for the better part of 3 weeks I have been technically living in the Library. The University of Surrey has a 24/7 library, which allows for late night studying. However, as I would have lost my mind if I kept revising for my exams for the entire Christmas break I decided to go around Guildford. Guildford has so much to offer and the town centre is only a ten-minute walk away from the main university campus.

During the break I managed to see the Guildford castle which is about a 30 min walk from campus or alternatively you can get a bus to town and from there it is about a 10 min walk (depending on house fast you walk). I am a slow walker took me about 15 mins.

As I required changes a frequent change of scenery during the break I used to frequently take trips to the town centre to get a bite to eat. As you guys already know from previous posts that Guildford town centre has many restaurants, which are student friendly (i.e provide student discounts). Also the town centre tends to change over the holidays, which gives you a more festive feel. Also if you are on of those people who likes to do their own shopping then  Guildford is great for shopping, as it has a good selection of big brand shops such as Zara, Topshop and H&M, which you can find on the High Street and the Friary shopping centre (I personally do most of my shopping online).

Also during this break I managed to actively go to the surrey sports park, which personally was a much-needed activity for myself just so I can have something to do to pass the time. The surrey Sports Park is well equipped and has a wide range of facilities, which ensures that there is something for everyone to do. I mainly go to the gym or use the football pitches in the surrey sports park. the Picture below shows the gym facility at the surrey sports park (stole the pic off the internet). Gym is always packed so don’t let the picture dcieve  you.

Hopefully next Time I will be writing I will be done with my exams. So till next week.