What to do after Surrey?

Hello guys after a stressful month of exams I can finally say that I am officially done with this semester. So for this week I felt I should be talking about what to do after I finish university. After getting your bachelors degree you basically have three options:

  1. Get your Masters degree
  2. Get a job
  3. Or do absolutely nothing

As most of you will agree I would like to go for the third option but I really don’t think it would be a very wise move if I want to develop my future in the fastest way possible and it does not pay that well so I am stuck with options 1 and 2.

Personally I like to keep my options open so throughout the semester I have applied to both graduate jobs and to do a masters course and at the end of the year I will decide what I want to do. So to apply to Masters program is similar to applying to a job you have to prepare a personal statement saying why you would be suitable for the course and how you plan to use it to develop your careers you also have to submit a CV and your university transcripts (you will most likely have to submit other documents but I cant remember so check before you apply).

Applying to a graduate job is one of the most stressful things a person can do all I can say is be prepared for rejection. I remember when applying for a summer placement I had applied to about 30 jobs and I got rejected for every single one of them. My advice when looking for a job is that you do not give up you need to remember that you only need your application to be accepted once to get a job so don’t stop. Also the university Career services Centre is a very committed office on university campus that is literally dedicated to help students find placements and graduate jobs hence why surrey has one of the highest employment stats in the UK. 93 % of surrey graduates have a job or are doing a Postgraduate degree six months after graduating.

So the Career service Centre organizes a few recruitment events each year this is a chance for students to meet employers who are looking for surrey students fro placements and grad jobs. They also provide services to check both your CV and cover letter. Also if you get an interview with a company they offer mock interview session to help you get ready for the interview.

For engineering and STEM students I would recommend that you visit the following sites as they have a list of a variety of companies that are looking to recruit for placements and graduates. I personally like the firs link better as it provides more choices I think and also is more visually appealing :p



I know for most of the peole reading this they will still have two to three years about thinking of even getting a job b, but form personal experiences I don’t think it would be a bad idea to start thinking about it and just looking on what companies have to offer.

I also plan to be more active throughout the coming weeks, so till new time!!