Last Class of MBA

While assignments and dissertation is still pending we are done with the module. Was a thrilling experience to gain knowledge and get others critical perspectives about myself as an individual from various students and professors around the globe.

We decided to do our celebrations mostly on campus and in town for this special day of accomplishment, which turned out to be a very memorable

day. Started of with a Business class photo shoot which was all laughs and fun.

Then continued with having lunch on lakeside which was pleasant and well organised. Had chicken screws as starters, followed up with chicken burrito and beers.



WRed-brick gabled watering hole with comfy leather sofas and an airy open-plan interior.e then continued our session at Wates Bar, remembering our best and awful moments and where each one of us is going ahead.

Then went to Britannia pub early evening where we has some snacks and more drinks.

Red-brick gabled watering hole with comfy leather sofas and an airy open-plan interior.

9 Millmead, Guildford GU2 4BE

But the highlight was to go with the whole class to Rubix, which was on the last Friday night of this semester.

It is a farewell for now from the class of 66MS03 Rik Medlik Building, but an ongoing series of visits to the library for the rest of term till September 18.

Will blog about my visits around London soon. Bye and safe journeys to all leaving soon.