Exam Period and Dissertation

Having just completed my final two assessments at Surrey University, I was greatly helped with my stay at the Library for the past few weeks.

While writing a self-reflective essay, the SPLASH department had many materials on how to write this form of essay and with the scholarly articles available on surrey library website it may work more efficient.

Their was plenty of group study involved during this and almost everyone from my class preferred completing their work in the library than at home.

Simply fresh food store is open throughout to help for conserving energy during the day as well.

After having completed this, now I move on to start my final dissertation project due later in September. During my MBA we had a course designed for it as Integrative Applied Project which ran in the final three weeks of classes. We were thought exactly what is required of us if doing a Business Plan/Consultancy/Straight Dissertation.

The process and timeline was given to us in a handbook with explanation to writing this project.

We had about six classes explaining:

  • Literature review
  • Using theories in methodology
  • Qualitative and Quantitative research
  • Sampling
  • Coding the data found from interviews
  • Thematic analysis of the whole project

Each section contained enough examples on the slides and handouts were given during class to practice in teams on the best possible answers.

But the main part of this project is listening and performing well as per your supervisors instruction. While I have already decided my final topic with my supervisor and taken the ethical approval to carry on. A maximum of eight interviews is required for your topic, in which one full conversation will be recorded in the appendix section. Supervisors need to be chosen by students themselves and depend on their ability to keep a good relationship with them for having good exchanges to lead to a good dissertation.

We have also discussed the first phase of how to go about the literature review and draft date, before moving to methodology and then sampling during July-August. It will be wrapped up by finishing the introduction and conclusion, with error checks looked on at before submission at September.

A very clear and precise way has been thought to us on doing this tough project, with giving enough time to it during the summer it will be fine to achieve great results.

Hope everyone did well in their exams and start well on their dissertations.

Enjoy the FIFA Worldcup and lets hope England does well:)