A little late… but here are a few online exam tips

Hello everyone, how are we doing?

Covid-19 has been one hell of a ride so far and I am really looking forward to getting back into a university routine where i will at least be able to see quite a few friendly faces around campus :)))) Anyone else on my level??

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It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. Exam season was an interesting series of events but here’s how I pushed through.

The main difference I found between seated exams and online exams was the amount of time given to complete your work and the format of the exam. Exam revision periods were the same as the usual given time; about a couple of weeks. Not sure about other courses but, for biomedical engineering, my exams were spaced out by a couple of days. I was also permitted to access lecture notes and use any material I had assimilated in preparation for the exam.

If you are interested, here’s how I prepared for my exams:

  1. First off, I started by printing out monthly calendar page templates from Word so that I could visually see what I had in the upcoming months – this helped me a lot in managing my time and helping me compose my anxiety and stress. This helped me because I am partially a visual learner.
  2. I set myself daily tasks to focus my time and help me avoid derailing from revising – because sometimes revision is boring, we’ve all been there.
  3. I made sure, it took breaks, whether that meant working out, baking, reading, going for walks, socialising (obviously while social distancing and wearing a mask) or even self-care (e.g bath, face masks). These were also a way for me to reward myself mentally and physically for the work I had put into my revising.
  4. SLEEP SLEEP and SLEEP – it was and is very important. Burn outs were not an option for me as it just led to wasting more time in the long run and further aggravate the feeling of being in isolation (basically leaving the house only when necessary and to have my daily walk allowance – at the time).
  5. Sometimes I find that with modules I am less interested in, I need to find something within that module that I particularly like or something that I will get out of after passing the exam’ for example, if I say that I need to really ace a certain exam because I’m aiming for a first or that it will help me later on, then that’s where I manage to keep myself motivated.

I hope you find this useful at some point when you have exams. Hope you are all as eager as I am in starting uni soon in September 2020!!

Hope to be back on this platform soon, but bye for now.