Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow……

The british weather is known for being unpredictable. One interesting thing about the weather is that you can wake up to a lovely weather, and the next minute the weather changes completely. Everyone gets excited when its snows, I remember my first experience and reaction when I saw it snowing. Ofcause I had watched movies and saw how people played in the snow- making snowman and having snow fights. I was so eager to run outside to have the same experience, as the people I saw on TV.

FullSizeRendersnow picture 1

It recently snowed in Guildford, and I imagine no one thought it was going to snow the night before, but I guess everyone was excited about the snow. For most students, I’m guessing it was a relaxing and funday as no one was required to come into Uni for lectures prior to the one week break after exams. I assume most students, spent the day making snowman and having snow fights. Unfortunately, I have no pictures on that, as I layed tucked in bed watching movies 🙂 my way of having fun. Below is a picture of how the university campus looks, it is entirely different and beautiful. It makes me appreciate nature more!

Duke of Kent Snow

I wish I took more pictures but I hope you found this interesting 🙂 x