Introducing AyoDeji Lambaski!

OMG! I’m such a happy bunny right now, my post last week reached about 250 people on facebook :’) So much love for you guys, thank you for taking time out to read these posts and lets get the numbers higher, spread the good news!

Okay so first things first, I would like to introduce our one and only, the best teddy bear in the world, University of Surrey’s very best AYODEJI LAMBASKI!  A graduate from the University of Surrey who comes back once in a while to check up on what’s going on in school and of course to participate in occasional turn ups.


Deji at the fair yesterday…


Deji for the ladies !


The sun poured down its blessings on us yesterday. It was really hot but I promise I’m not complaining. I was very colourful in my dashiki and I just had to pose with Ayodeji, it was too much of a necessary move. Oh btw I had my first paella and the best cupcakes in the world…..oh yeahh!