Hi Guys!

It’s been a while since I blogged, as I have been really busy with different things like exams, course work, starting a new semester, mentoring etc. I will try my best to blog regularly from now on as I have just realised I have just 18 weeks left at Surrey! Sob sob.

I have officially started my countdown to graduation because honestly that’s the only thing keeping me going at this point. As a BSc Accounting and Finance student, I don’t have to write a dissertation (a long essay that is written on a particular subject as a requirement for your degree), so some people say ‘I’m lucky’…err mm no am not, I’ll take a long essay any day considering my name is ESE (Pronounced ‘essay’) lool jk, but seriously I would take that over series of exams. Accounting exams are either a hit or a miss, its either you know or you don’t know the answer.

Now being a Nigerian student schooling in the UK, your countdown to graduation is completely different from an EU student because you suddenly become conscious of the fact that you have to leave the University with a First class or at least a Second Class not because you want to get a good job but because anything below that just start thinking of how you are going to move to Ogbomosho, your new life there, the cost of feeding, what job you are going to start up, maybe selling akara or hawking bread, whether you will get married to a carpenter, bus driver or shoe maker because the first thing your dad will ask you is what is your result? Then he will go on and say do you know how much the exchange rate is? Then he’ll add do you know how much money I’ve spent on you for the past 3 or 4 years, then it just goes downhill from there lool. So it is very important that I get a good result, I think am doing well so far.

On a more serious note it’s quite fascinating how quick time has gone by, you get so engrossed in the system that you forget that all things that have a beautiful beginning will surely have an end. I have been so blessed here at Surrey, from the opportunities I have been given on a platter of gold to the amazing people I have met that have inspired be to reach for the top. We Nigerians can sometimes be so focused on coming to University and getting a good grade that we sometimes forget to live in the moment, and take up opportunities to gain experience from highly reputable people around us.

So an advice for today would be enjoy ‘Living in the NOW’.

Okay enough blabbing from me; hope you had a good read!



Ese x