Tolu Bajomo is back from Placement!

I’m bacckkkkk, it’s so exciting to be back on here…….


Hmmm so it’s been like a decade since I last posted on this blog, well not really a decade lol a year and some months.


So the reason why, is because I was away on placement (Industrial Training) and it was an exciting year for me. I was in Nigeria for it and it was good to spend some time with family and friends.


So I got back to the UK early August. The change I experienced was serious, serious asin my body system was just not ready for the change, my skin got so dry L L and I was breaking out seriously ….. it really felt weird being back at first, especially because of how my body was reacting to the change. But I was indeed happy to be back to the UK (my second home) lol. I tried to enjoy my summer as much as I could, because I knew being back to Uni as a final year student was definitely going to be work work work, as you can imagine.


So yeah I am going to just talk to you generally about my “summer holiday”. Well to be very honest with you guys, it wasn’t like the usual summer holiday. This because I had to work on my placement report, which was just like writing a dissertation (1,000 words). I honestly felt like I was doing my masters- excuse me please I am allowed to feel that way because that report was draining.


So anyways during my “summer holiday”, I spent most of the time with family in the UK. We tried as much as possible to catch up on all I missed whilst I was away- you know there’s always room for gist 😉 The Saturday I got back, I went for a BBQ party with family, it was a birthday party of a close family friend. Can you imagine after flying for 6 hours? This shows the extent of how we Nigerians like party and like to ‘jaiye’ lol, I was honestly tired but no way I was going to be at home and everyone going out to eat BBQ chicken and burger. It was a lovely evening out and I really enjoyed myself. Hmmm what other exciting thing did I do?? Oh yes I remember I went for a massage with my aunty and cousin. That day we so treated ourselves, but you guys understand that sometimes you just need to go all out and give yourself a treat. The massage was soooo gooood lol I wish it was for 2 hours, because we only booked an hour slot. This people that do the massage are just so gifted and how do they do it, I would like to say they have ‘magic fingers’ J okay I know I am taking too far but they even know what part of your body feels tensed and all. Afterwards we went shopping; lol which I feel wasn’t really a great idea after a massage because you know how we Nigerians like to shop. Afterwards went for dinner and ended the day it was truly a beautiful day.


Another exciting thing I did over the summer holiday was catching up with friends, it was just so beautiful to see my friends again after being away for ages. I met up with them at Oxford Circus and they are the sweetest friends ever- they got me flowers, cards and presents. I was just so blown away cause I wasn’t expecting anything and I guess that made it a worthwhile surprise. We afterwards went to lunch and obviously did some sightseeing/ shopping J


So yeah guys…. That was my “summer holiday” in summary, apart from staying up some nights writing my report it was definitely a relaxing time before the start of Uni.

So till next time guys, Enjoy your weekend  xo