Master’s internship programme


The Lake <3

Hello everyone,

Looking out my window on this rather gloomy day I thought I might share with you a few thoughts regarding the fact we are almost and adults and we will be starting the 9-5 life soon. Yes, I know we were adults the moment we turned 18, some of us even earlier. With each passing day our responsibilities and obligations increase, we pay more attention our finances and seek more meaningful relationships but, I’m still surprised at how quickly time flew.

Now we are at the final institution before the real world, University!  It is important we choose the right place to participate in the whole experience because trust me after my undergraduate placement year coming back to Uni was a pain, I wasn’t sure where I was headed and I changed my career path more than once. The great thing about studying at Surrey is how much career support they offer. Upon starting my course I was offered an internship module although I will not be doing my internship as part of my module I received a lot of help with finding a good internship which would help my dissertation project on social enterprises in Africa. Horray!! last week I contacted by AFFORD Diaspora Finance UK  and it looks like I’m about to start an exciting experience.

If possible I recommend you do a placement no matter how short or long you will gain a lot of transferable skills and make key connections within the industry. Who know’s they may offer you a great job after your studies ;D.

God bless,

Nana x