Time to Relax

Hey guys! How are you guys doing? Can you believe that January is already over? Just like that. Wow, how time flies. Literally feels like it was just yesterday we celebrated New Years. So how are those New Year’s Resolutions coming? Keeping up with the gym and #fit-fam life? Or is that a thing of the past now lol.

But asides from resolutions, do you guys feel like you’ve achieved anything recently? Or is there an aspect of your life you think you’ve improved in or something you’re working on? I’d like to hear them. Personally, something I have gained so far is clarity. It’s like third year has finally helped me put things into perspective, both academically and otherwise. Maybe it’s the fact that this semester, we start on our design projects so we’re applying basically everything we’ve been learning over the past two years, so I’m able to get an idea of what exactly Chemical Engineering has in store for me after graduation. And knowing the workload, it’s necessary that I know my priorities and learn not to stress over little things so I can manage my time properly. That’s my action point for the next couple of weeks I believe; creating a balance and time management.

Anyway, enough about that. Onto today’s post! It’s about places to relax I Guildford. You know sometimes you just get tired of life? Like you’re completely over being around people, interacting, just being social in general (or is that just the introvert struggle? Lol if you know you know). Below is a list of some places you can escape for a few hours. Enjoy!

  1. The Lake

This one is super convenient as its right on campus. Say you’ve been in the library all day and you need some fresh air, need to stretch your legs or frankly just want to procrastinate (because are you really a student if you’re not running away from your problems?). the lake is the place to go to shut down for a while, chill and appreciate nature. You’re free to take blankets/mats to sit on or just use the many benches scattered around, a book etc. or just make it a full picnic and go down with your friends. Honestly I say this like the British weather is always permitting but hey, you might get lucky.

  1. The Castle

This is situated in the town centre so roughly 15 minutes from campus. The castle is for when you want to relax with a view. The top of the tower offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Guildford. The best part? It’s free! Well access to the ground is free but there’s a small charge to get into the Keep. There’s something about castles that seriously fascinate me. Can you imagine them being built all those years ago? The people who must’ve used them? Lol I think it’s safe to say I watch to much TV. But for real though, if the weather permits and you feel like spending some time in the great Outdoors, head down to the castle with a picnic blanket…. or just yourself and enjoy. It’s pretty in spring I promise.

  1. The Happiness Café

Okay this one is a bit different. It’s not exactly a place. It’s a sort of chilling session run by the Student Union on Wednesdays to help students blow off some steam. So, this can be very helpful during exam period as it all can be overwhelming at times. There’s tea/coffee and colouring books (yes, colouring books!). So, if you feel like you deserve a break (or just want to relive your childhood), go down to the first floor of the library on Wednesday afternoons for an hour or two.


Well that’s all for today guys! (P.S I’m not able to reply comments at the moment for some reason but hopefully I’ll get this sorted soon). But I’d still love to hear from you all.

Till next time!