The Hive

Hey there.

Long-time no blog. March is that period when everything gets a bit mad and I’ve been trying to keep on top of things. Hope everyone’s good?

Things have slowed down a little bit around uni since the Easter break started on Monday. The month-long holiday gives exhausted students a moment to relax and breathe…in theory. For final year students, this is the time to really go in on our dissertations and send out job applications like there’s no tomorrow.

But the end is in sight!! Yesterday, we received the University’s official invitation to our graduation ceremonies and the dates are confirmed! July 19th lets gooooo! Nothing could have wiped off the smile on my face last night.

Anyway, its been a glorious week here. You can tell its officially Spring.


Last week, was pretty exciting. The new student space, The Hive, finally opened. It has become the central location for all enquiries relating to accommodation, finance, employability and careers, transport etc.

Designed with the students need for a new social space in mind, it comes with study pods, coffee tables, computer screens, and microwaves for a relaxed and informal environment to catch up with friends or study in a group.

It’s located on the ground floor of the Philip Marchant Building.

A wall of support

Shout-out to J for being my (unwilling) model.

The opening on Monday came with pancakes. I wasn’t able to attend but I was there in spirit.

I can honestly say a space like this is really appreciated as it decreases congestion in the library and allows students relax and catch a break between busy schedules.

Till next time!