My Surrey Application Process


Hi there, I’m Joan. Welcome to another page of my diary, and on this page, I’m going to share with you details of my application process.   

One of my many fears relating to studying abroad is not being able to get immediate assistance when I need it. Alongside necessary qualifications, I would search for ways that I could easily gather information or assistance, be it academic, medical, or otherwise, from the schools I was interested in.  

While viewing the details, overview, and structure of the course I was interested in, on the website of the University of Surrey, it was confidence-boosting to know that I would be learning from leading experts in cybersecurity. I was also thrilled to know that I would have access to the computer science laboratory that the University of Surrey had invested £1.7million in, for state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment. 

Due to research, I found out that my course is fully certified from GCHQ (Government Commission Headquarters) which is well recognized in the U.K. I was also comfortable with the fact that the University of Surrey is ranked high in the U.K, all of which I was able to learn through my research. I went ahead to apply for the University of Surrey, and I take pride in mentioning that I did the application myself, without any help from agents. I applied online at the university website. Through the student portal, I was able to reach out and receive feedback from the school and what they required from me throughout my application process. When I experienced a setback regarding a particular required document, I was able to communicate with the school, and help was given.  

After all my documents were received, I was given an acceptance offer which required me to make an initial deposit. Once that was paid, I received a confirmation letter, and the next step was to apply for CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) which is required to apply for a visa. I figured most of these things out along the way because the University of Surrey provides help at each step through a school representation or student advisor.  

I was added to a WhatsApp group that was created by a support staff, which was always available to assist students from my home country (Nigeria) with the information needed for the visa and admission process. The application process was straightforward, and whenever I needed assistance, the swift response from the school made me more confident in my decision to study at the University of Surrey. 

In summary, when it comes to the application process, I would recommend that you do your research, ask questions, ask for help when need be, and follow instructions. I had an offer from another reputable university, but I was already won over by Surrey because the application process was straightforward and stress-free. I got the needed help and guidance.  

Feel free to drop any questions or comments. Until my next blog… 

Stay Safe! 

Band F (studio flats) cosy! (can accommodate a couple)
Pictures of Band C accommodation on Stag Hill campus