Winter vibe, not blues

It’s beginning to look like Christmas!

Stocking up on Vitamin D is not a myth; please take it, it helps the effect of winter on our mental health. The temperature is very chill, and it looks like it’s not going down soon. Today’s post is about how to prepare well for the winter, the fun things I did in London recently, and where I want to explore in the southeast.

The Harvesters London was a delightful meeting of like-minded people where I began my Sunday with thanksgiving. After church, I went to The Ivy Asia in Chelsea, London. Although the trip there required three transfers from Canada Water, the atmosphere and cuisine at Ivy Asia made up for my exhaustion. The Ivy Garden’s interior is so impressive, we mistakenly believed that we had reserved the Ivy Garden, which is next to the Ivy Asia. I didn’t have to wash the dishes after a very filling three-course supper that my nice friends paid for ( I had to remind them that “Toby is a student o” as soon as we arrived).

The sunset was on time as usual nowadays, and we began the hunt for mulled wine; it was so refreshing and hot. I drank it inside the ‘Curling Club’ in South Bank centre winter market London, where my friends and I sang England’s national anthem as we were sipping our wine. At that very moment among football lovers and diverse nationals, the vibe was lit. England won Senegal 3 – 0, you might wonder if I sang the Senegalese anthem as well (because ‘Africa’) I wish I did but I don’t understand french.

We bought pancakes, burgers, more mulled wine, a cashmere scarf, and hand gloves and took pictures, it was a lovely way to end the evening. Oh, let me remind you of the third interesting part of the evening, before heading to Southbank Centre, I walked through the most exciting Christmas-decorated street – Carnaby Celebrates, the coolest thing about it was the decoration, the exciting element of installations incorporating different themes. My favorite, see below.

Carnaby Street

Winter Tips

I know most people are prepared for the ‘winter’ like me, some have been preparing for months and yet it seems not to be enough. I feel you sis/bro. Let me drop 4 tips for now.

  • Quality winter jacket: I spent days debating whether to purchase a parka or a puffer; I’m one of those persons that can ‘research for Africa’ while making purchases online. Actually, as long as it is well-padded, anyone is acceptable. Although my jacket is fantastic and snug, it may occasionally be cumbersome to wear, making me seem like a “snow-woman.” I’m saving up for a Superdry jacket, so if you have any other suggestions, please leave a remark. Honorable mention: My H&M jacket is stylishly warm. You can also try the black jackets from “Zara” and Morrison’s Nutmeg. Be sure to layer, though! Thermal underwear, a t-shirt or top, a hoodie, a sweater, and finally a jacket.
  • Winter Gear: Hand Gloves – The touch screen enabled ones IYKYK. Get your gear because e choke – Boots (and maybe UGGS, if you’ve bar), gloves, hats, and scarves will be your best friend during the tough winter months. M&S, Primark, and Pepco are my go-to for the basic gear but you know ‘Primark’ quality can be meh for some things, low-key wish we had ASDA George here in Guilford. Asos and New look has a lovely collection of boots, check them out! If you desire it, Dr. Martens is solid, it’s part of my wishlist – PM me if you’d like to clear my cart lol.*British Heart Foundation has a nice winter gear collection*
  • Take the bus, don’t walk – my humble opinion. Except you’re an OG! Of course, there are some unavoidable walks within the campus, to the supermarket, and so forth.
  • It’s cold yes but don’t stay inside all the time. Go have fun with yourself, and your friends. The U of Surrey Nigerian society is hosting Pre-Christmas Social next week Saturday – Purchase your tickets via this link or visit – search for the Nigerian society, log in, and select the event 👍👌🇳🇬 Attend the other interesting Christmas functions you’re aware of and please visit a Christmas / Winter market.

More places to explore – look out for my next post. Okay let me leave you with where I want to visit in the Southeast ‘Reading’ the Oracle mall. I see related ads on Snapchat and Instagram about the mall, lol! How can I not mention Hyde Park – Winter Wonderland – Get your ticket, there’s an entrance fee and other activity fees! Have a wonderful Christmas my people.

Tobs blowing Christmas kisses to y’all

Stay warm, hydrated, and happy!