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*Showers in embarrassment at not uploading this earlier*

I realise this is a very belated holiday greeting, but I want to wish you wonderful people a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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How is everyone doing? I hope you all are doing great and the weather isn’t too much of a fuss for you all wherever you are.

I implore you all in the UK to take precautions to keep yourself safe. Make sure your travel plans are carefully thought out, avoid going outside too much (you never know what the weather is capable of), and most importantly, STAY WARM!

Remember that this is the time of the year when the temperature decreases; if you were unaware of this, you’re welcome 😘.

Now, on to the real deal of this blog post… drum rolls please🥁🥁🥁🥁


Throughout Nigeria, the word “Detty December” is frequently used to characterise the colourful, exciting, and enjoyable events that occur in Lagos and other regions of the nation during the December holiday season. Concerts, festivals, celebrations, and an all-around elevated mood of joy are associated with this era.

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Lagos’s Detty December: A Cultural Extravaganza

Lagos in December is unlike any other; the city becomes a hive of happiness, music, and friendship, signalling the beginning of the much awaited “Detty December.” Lagos residents and tourists alike are getting ready for a celebration that perfectly captures the essence of Nigerian friendliness, hospitality, and unmatched entertainment as the year comes to an end.

The Main Idea of Detty December

Detty December is more than just a term; it’s a cultural phenomenon that unites people from many backgrounds to usher in the new year with style. Lagos transforms into a melting pot of celebrations that appeal to every taste and inclination, from the thrilling concerts starring Afrobeats musicians to the tranquil beaches holding end-of-year parties.

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Highlights from Detty December

Concerts & Music:

Detty December is the ideal venue for memorable performances by some of Africa’s biggest musical performers, many of whom call Lagos home. Nighttime noises fill the city, evoking a communal dance of joy and liberation among the masses, ranging from traditional Afrobeat to modern Afropop. Some examples of this are Flytime Fest, Nativeland, Bear with Us Fest etc.

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A tribute to Lagos’s rich culinary legacy is an essential part of every celebration in the city. Local and international cuisines are sampled at food festivals and restaurants like Ox resto bar, Flowershop café, The Ona etc. that spring up all around the city. With tastes you’ll remember long after December ends, it’s a culinary adventure guaranteed to excite your palate.

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Beach Parties:

Some of the liveliest beach parties take place against the stunning background of Lagos’s coastline. Imagine spending an evening dancing on the dunes beneath the stars, with the breeze from the Atlantic Ocean adding a little magic to the scene we have the likes of Sunday at Ilashe, SOL beach, The Good Beach or even a getaway with family and friends at the beach houses on Ilashe beach etc.

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Importance to Culture:

Nigerian perseverance, solidarity, and joy are exemplified in Detty December. It’s a moment to put aside differences and celebrate life, accomplishments, and the prospect of a prosperous new year.

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Okay so how did this babes Detty December go? Did she go out? What activities did she do? Like can she actually just cut to the chase!😒

I know you guys are curious about all the jaiye I did in naij because it is no news that Lagos is the city of faaji.

Let me sha burst your bubble, my December wasn’t detty per say, but it definitely wasn’t boring.

It should be noted that I am still enrolled in university, and that I was unable to play the full duration of my vacation because exams at the University of Surrey are often administered in January.

I needed to write four essays, and the deadlines were the first and second weeks of January. Really, I didn’t have time to be tinkering; I had an essay that was due on January 4th (yes, three days after New Year’s Day! I know!😭).

Not to be confused with the fact that I am in my second year and that the final overall mark that will determine my degree will be based on 35% of my overall grade this year and 65% of my overall grade in my third year so therefore, I no fit lose guard.

I have to add that this university truly cares about its students because they never stopped sending us encouraging emails to help and advise us during the exam period (I may write a separate blog post about this at a later time, but I can’t promise it).

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Try to start your work from school or at least plan it out if you have early deadlines for any holiday assignments.

This made a big difference in my ability to cope with the stress of school over the holidays!

As the saying goes all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and all play and no work makes Jack a ___? Oya complete it for me!👀

With that being said, I made sure I stepped out of my house because the work I had too choke!!!

I truly just wanted to live in the moment, so I regrettably don’t have many images from my adventures. My Christmas vacation was primarily spent spending quality time with my family and close friends, attending a few social events, shopping, and dining out, of course! since at this point, that makes up half of Lagos’ population.

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Being a devout Christian, I could not overlook the significance of the season—the birth of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ—and I trust that you, too, were not as indifferent to it as I was.

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How about you, how did you spend your Christmas? Did you go back to the village? Stay back at school? Got any presents? Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section!

In case you’re making travel plans in advance for Detty December 2024, here’s a special recommendation for certain places in Lagos:


NOTE: these spots may evolve overtime!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas break filled with love and unending joy xx🥰

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