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Valentine’s Day at the University of Surrey unfolded in an unexpected yet profoundly beautiful way this year me. Far from the traditional celebrations of romance, my day was a testament to the diverse forms of love that flourish within our vibrant university community. From crafting artistic expressions for One World Week to celebrating Galentine’s with friends, this February 14th was a reflection of the broader, more inclusive understanding of love that Surrey has instilled in us.


Noon: Creativity for One World Week

The first half of my day was dedicated to participating in preparations for One World Week, an eagerly anticipated event at the University of Surrey that celebrates the rich tapestry of cultures represented on our campus. Surrounded by a kaleidoscope of materials, my peers and I delved into creating arts and crafts that embodied the essence of various countries around the globe. This artistic endeavour was not just about the act of creating but also about the love and respect for the diverse cultures that make up our university family. It was a reminder that love transcends borders and that appreciating the beauty in our differences is a form of love itself.

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(My outfit for the day)

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(Read what the top says iykyk; let the single breathe❗️❗️)

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(Sort of messed up the colouring of our flag, sorry my people😭)

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(I made up with this canvas, I try abi I no try? 🫣🙈)

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(Just a different angle)

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(I wrote a good amount for the prospective students, can you guess what I wrote in the comment section?)

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(A few global flags; one refused to stay in position😕)

Evening and Night: Galentine’s Celebration

As the day transitioned, so did the focus of my celebrations. The latter half was dedicated to observing Galentine’s Day, a day to honour the love and friendship among women. Together with a group of friends who have become more like family during my time at Surrey, we shared stories, laughter, and dreams for the future. This gathering was a beautiful reminder of the platonic love that sustains us through our academic and personal challenges. It underscored the lesson that love, in its purest form, is about connection and support, regardless of the nature of the relationship.

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(My pyjamas for the galentines with some cookies, donuts and chocolates for the girlies)

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(Did you get a rose? cause I did hehehe😛)

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(A close up picture of these lush pyjamas)

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(OMO! FOOD CHOKEEEE, my friends and I don’t play when it comes to chows🤣🤣💕)

Love Beyond the Romantic

The University of Surrey, with its emphasis on inclusivity and diversity, has taught me that love is multifaceted. It isn’t confined to romantic expressions but flourishes in the bonds of friendship, the respect for different cultures, and the support we extend to each other. Surrey has shown me that love is about understanding, acceptance, and the joy of discovering the world through the eyes of others. This lesson was beautifully encapsulated in both my Valentine’s Day activities, which celebrated love in its various forms.

Cultural Appreciation and Diversity

Moreover, being part of such a diverse community has deepened my appreciation for cultures other than my own. The university’s commitment to internationalism and multiculturalism has been a gateway to learning about and adoring countries and traditions from across the globe. This cultural immersion is a form of love that broadens our horizons and enriches our lives immeasurably.

Reflections on Ash Wednesday

Interestingly, this year’s Valentine’s Day coincided with Ash Wednesday, a day of reflection and renewal for many. This convergence was a poignant reminder of the cycles of life and love, encouraging us to appreciate the present and the connections we’ve forged. It reinforced the idea that love, in all its expressions, is a powerful force for good, driving us to be better individuals and a more cohesive community.


Valentine’s Day at the University of Surrey was a celebration of love in its most inclusive sense. It was a day that transcended traditional notions of romance, embracing platonic love, cultural appreciation, and the beauty of our diverse community. As I reflect on the day’s events, I’m grateful for the lessons in love that Surrey has imparted. These experiences have shaped my understanding of love as an expansive, universal force that connects us all, making our time at university and beyond richer and more meaningful.

How about you? How did you spend your valentines day?🤭