Curious about campus?

When applying to school here one of the things I tried to picture in my head was what the campus looked like. Were the walls ivy covered? Old stone buildings like Harry Potter? My old campus was really big and open and there were always squirrels everywhere, would it be the same over there? Today I thought I would try and explain a few areas around campus to give you guys a better idea of what it’s like here. The campus was built in 1970 so the buildings are newer and have a more industrial look. I found it quite hard to navigate around campus when I first got here because there are lots of little passageways and levels on the campus. A lot of programs will have classes in a wide range of buildings here so there is lots of opportunity to find your way around! Some buildings including the library are newly built and modern which I was not expecting. The lake is a really nice area on campus to sit out with your friends or take a break between classes. The majority of the accommodation and main university buildings are on the Stag Hill campus (which is where I live). There is also Manor Park and Hazel farm which house the Surrey Sports Park, School of Veterinary Medicine and more accommodation. The walk between Manor Park and Stag hill takes me about 20 minutes every day which has actually turned out to be a big perk. It’s a nice wake up in the morning and helps me clear my head on the way home. We also have a laundrette on every campus since there are not individual machines for each residence. There are many many more exciting things on campus and if anyone has any questions please feel free to email me at


This is the library and the lake on campus!