A Busy Two Weeks

Today just happens to be Surrey’s biggest sporting event — It’s Varsity 2016! Team Surrey takes on their rivals Kingston University. It’s held over at Surrey Sports Park and various competitions take place. If Surrey wins this year, it will be our sixth year in a row! The campus is, for that reason, quite empty, as most students are over at SSP for all the support. Naturally, I’m heading right over there after I finish this post.

Semester 1 results have been released and I’m quite satisfied. This year has been way tougher than the last and I’ve been basically swamped with all the work load. Hopefully, I can keep it up for another 3 months and then I’ll officially have completed two years at Surrey. Time really does fly when you’re having a good time. My time management skills have most definitely improved and I’ve been procrastinating less (a feat I never thought I’d achieve). I’ve noticed, this year particularly, that we have to do a ton of work on our own. The professors teach a basic overview in lectures, but the rest is really up to you and you need to do all the extra work to do well on an exam. It was a hard concept to deal with in the beginning, but I’m used to it now and I see myself reaching for my textbooks more than I did at this time last year

The hunt for a placement is officially over as I am heading to New York in September 2016 (mucho excited for this, I’ve never been and I can’t wait). I’ll be working in a Pharmacology lab at Cornell University, and I am looking forward to the opportunity. In order to prepare for that, I’ve been working in my Personal Tutor’s lab in order to get some experience – I don’t want to be completely lost at work when I arrive in NYC!

SurreyDecides 2016 is also officially over. It was a lot of campaigning and three nights of vigorous Question Time. To anyone who doesn’t know, SurreyDecides is the annual Student Union election where students elect who they want to represent them in the following year. Congratulations to all the candidates who took part, it’s not an easy thing to do. I for myself would never be able to do it, Question Time seems like a daunting place to be and I’d just be a puddle of nervousness up there. It takes real guts! I love how I’m able to stream the debates live and overall it was very well organised! Well done to all those elected 🙂

I miss home (mostly the food as I’m a rubbish cook) and I’m quite looking forward to a bit of relaxation. It has been a busy couple of weeks for almost everybody on campus I think. The semester is in full swing and I’m already swamped with tests and deadlines. Thankfully, Easter break is only 10 days away and I get to go home for a whole four weeks (yes to home-cooked meals!). I’m trying not to think about the four deadlines I have the Tuesday I’m back though…Although I know by the end of Easter break, I’d be sick of home and ready to head back to Guildford

Its exciting that the University of Surrey Law School will be visiting several Canadian cities this month to talk about our LLB programs. You can check out www.surrey.ac.uk/canadalaw if you’re interested to see if your city is on the list – scroll to the very bottom to ‘Upcoming Events in Canada’ and it should be under there.