Easter break = Travel

Everyone here at Surrey is getting pretty excited since we are all about to get a month off for Easter break! The holidays are different over here so for me, having a month off in the middle of the semester is unheard of. This break is compensated for by pushing classes and exam dates to the end of May/ beginning of June but I think it will be well worth it. For the first two weeks I’m going back to Canada to see my friends and family and to study which will be great. It will be my last time back until I’m home mid-July so I’m quite excited. The second two weeks I’m spending in Ireland with a friend from my course here and we are doing placement. Surrey puts quite a big emphasis on practical aspects of courses so a lot of students spend part of their different breaks getting relevant work experience. I’ve never been to Ireland before which will be a great opportunity and I’m so looking forward to lambing for the first time. I also recently booked a flight to visit another course mate here from Switzerland when I get back – a huge perk of living in England! Even though I don’t get the opportunity often, the flights throughout Europe are really cheap if you book in advance. This gives students the fun chance to travel to different countries on a tight budget. A lot of my friends are spending time with their families here over the break but a fair few are traveling around even if it’s just to different areas in England. The train system is SO good that rail travel can be done at the drop of a hat and can get you mostly anywhere.

On another note, 11 days left of sugar free Lent and then it’s back to British chocolate for me!