Where To Eat In Town

When I first arrived in Guildford (as I’ve mentioned before), I was worried at how small it was. I’m a giant foodie. I love food, and I love going to new places to try food. So naturally, I spent my first few weeks in Guildford (back in the good ol’ days of first year) hunting for good places to eat. I mean, G-town has your usual Nando’s and GBK (both excellent choices and I still find myself craving a good GBK burger and some skinny fries). It also has a Burger King, KFC, Five Guys and McDonald’s (aka also the usual)

I am a sucker for Asian food. I love sushi and anyone who knows me even slightly will confirm this sentiment. My friend and I found this restaurant — Sushi Nara and it is actually so delicious. It is a little on the pricier side, but we frequent it often and it’s often that restaurant that we go to when we can’t decide on a place to go. If any of you ever visit, I recommend the dumplings and the eel roll. Yo! Sushi, which is a popular chain restaurant is also available, for slightly cheaper sushi

I’m afraid this post is just going to be ‘Where to eat Asian food in Town’.

Wagamama’s is the classic place which a lot of students choose to go to. It is also of Asian cuisine, although slightly less traditional. It is also more affordable. I have only been here once, and I quite enjoyed myself. We don’t have this in Canada, and one of the things I do enjoy doing is going to places that are not available to me back home.

These have been the Japanese options (that I enjoy) so far, so I’ll switch things up.

Everyone enjoys Italian, I have yet to find someone who doesn’t like a good pasta. When it comes to Italian, Guildford has a good variety. There’s ASK Italian which is my favourite Italian restaurant in town. They have a massive menu, and a cosy location. There is also Zizzi’s and Jaime’s Italian and Pizza Express. All of these (unlike say.. Sushi Nara) are chain restaurants. You can find them in most towns here.

If I’m ever craving ribs, there’s the good classic TGI Friday’s which always reminds me of home. If I want steak, there’s an Argentinian restaurant, Cau (warning: a little on the pricier side).

Thai food might just be a close second to sushi for me. My dad discovered the Guildford local Thai Express by accident and we have never gone back since. Every time he visits, we end up going there. It’s located on the 7th Floor of a building across from the Guildford Castle and they have a massive balcony with a gorgeous view of town. The interior is also amazing. I took my friend there once and she wouldn’t stop taking pictures. The food is amazing as well of course.

Cream’s Cafe was introduced to me by a friend. I’m not much of a sweet tooth so I was reluctant. But they have a giant menu of dessert waffles and crepes and sundaes. Again, I don’t get to go here back home so I try and make the most of it while in the UK. They also have a Canadian waffle, which ironically, I have never tried (Although I do get the pleasure of  seeing it on the menu every time I’m there)

My plan is to try out every place here, which is a little ambitious. Stated above are some of my most liked restaurants. Guildford also has more good places like Meat the Greek, Bill’s, Giraffe, Turtle Bay, A (giant) Wetherspoons, The Giggling Squid, etc. I have also been recently informed that a new Thai restaurant is opening up, which I am very excited about.

This has been quite the mess of a post I think. I’ve just (in no order whatsoever) listed everywhere I could have possibly eaten in the last two years. If I might have forgotten anything, I’ll come back to update this at a later date