Back at it

So this is the first week back after the Easter break and the time off was awesome! Going to Ireland and having a friend from there allowed me to actually live in an Irish household, which was such an amazing experience! I presumed that since it was an English speaking country there wouldn’t be much of a culture difference but I was definitely mistaken. It was so cool to be able to spend that much time living the day to day life of people in Ireland because the majority of the time when you travel you don’t get that. This has made me even more excited for Switzerland this weekend and I definitely realize how lucky I am to have made friends with people from so many different countries. Being back at school, I’ve had such a fun time catching up with everyone and enjoying being in the UK. The weather has gotten beautiful here. It’s always between 10-20 degrees Celsius everyday, which makes the 20 minute walk to the other campus really nice! It’s constantly sunny and soon it will be nice enough to study outside which I am looking forward to. The workload is definitely ramping up and exams are approaching (one month from now). It’s weird because most of my friends have finished school in Canada now for the summer but once you are back in this environment it’s easy to fall back into this routine. I’ve also attached a picture of my friend and I from Northern Ireland!FullSizeRender