Switzerland and back

It was a nice surprise to realize that England has some holidays that we don’t have in Canada, the most recent being a bank holiday this past Monday! My friends and I took full advantage of having a long weekend and headed to Switzerland to visit one of their families. We got to spend a lot of time outside hiking and walking around the different towns close to us. One of the days we spent visiting stables and horse riding through the mountains (where the picture is from) which was absolutely incredible! I also got to try a lot of the local food and everything was delicious. My favourite was this grill that can be put in the middle of the table and cooks vegetables and meet on the top with a space to melt cheese on the bottom – yum! We landed home on Monday night and are now going to get carried away with work for the next few weeks until exams. They are a month away still but getting a head start means I will be able to take some days off for some fun events coming up. A very common thing at UK universities is to have end of year balls. There is a vet ball coming up the third week of May as well as a university wide ball that many people are going to. They select really old beautiful venues and part of the fun will be travelling out to these places. Sigala who is a popular artist here is also coming to our school club (Rubix), something that I definitely don’t want to miss.