Women’s Football Trip 2017 – Barcelona


Today I wanted to blog about my trip to Barcelona with the Women’s Football team. Myself and thirteen other players from the team packed our bags and flew out for a four day trip to Spain. The flight flew over what I assumed to be the French Alps which was an amazing sight to see and has now jumped to the top of my travel list. The planning comity was able to find us two great apartments not far from Barcelona’s popular tourist street La Rambla. On our first night we decided to have a group home cooked meal out on our patio which was a really good time. For the rest of the trip we were able to hit a lot of the main sights in Barcelona. For example we visited La Sagrada Familia which was absolutely breath-taking! I naively thought that the cranes might be eye-sores or that the lack of age might make the church less impressive but I was completely wrong – the cranes just fade away from sight when you look up at the amazing architecture. There’s also something really incredible in knowing you are watching history take place. The inside of the church was just as breath-taking with the beautiful stain-glass windows. The inspiration from natural shapes that the architect Gaudi took from can be noticed in the columns and ceiling and so on. Make sure not to miss the museum under the church which was very interesting. We also walked down to park Guell which is a public park which contains gardens and architectonic elements. I really enjoyed strolling through the park as it is really beautiful especially given the wonderful weather we had that day. Some others sights we saw include Montjuic, Font Magica, Camp Nou, Sant Sebastia Beach and The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria. We were very lucky throughout the majority of our trip to have great weather and to find some really good food options. I was able to taste some yummy foods like paella, patatas bravas, churros and lots of ice cream.

In all it was a really great trip and I am glad I got to bond with some amazing football players and Surrey students!