Going home for Easter

Hello again!

As I have previously mentioned in a blog post, attending a British university means you get long school breaks. For example, I just enjoyed the whole month of April off from lectures and tutorials for what felt like an extended Easter holiday. To put it into perspective it is sort of like an extra long reading week. So during this time I traveled to Barcelona with the Women’s Football Club and then headed home for Easter. I was able to stay home for a little longer than two and a half weeks but am now back at Surrey to finish off my semester.

I find that there is positives and negatives to these long breaks. The positives are that as an international student, long breaks such as these make it really worth it to go back home if we’d like to. It also gives everyone a great opportunity to travel the country and Europe. Furthermore, it is a good time to catch up on readings or coursework. However, the negatives are that the academic year feels quite long and that it is easy to not get any work done or to not stay on top of your schoolwork.

Either way, I am so grateful to have been able to travel back home and spend time with family and friends. I was even able to go to the sugar bush which I hadn’t done in some years as exams usually fell around that time of year. This was so exciting for me as I have been feeling extra patriotic since attending university abroad. Oh and I of course had plenty of Timmies and even stopped for a delicious poutine. It’s always good to be home.