Exam time…

Hello again!

Well… It’s that time of the year again. Exam time! Although everyone has their own study techniques and ways to decompress during these times I thought I would share some of mine that I have used at Surrey.

Taking breaks. It is so important to schedule in time to relax during those intense weeks of studying. Some of the things I really enjoy doing is going for coffee breaks with friends and talk about anything else other than school, go to the theater if I can permit myself and going down to the lake for some fresh air. I also think a break to do physical activity is super important although sometimes really difficult to get motivated for. I’ve found that football has really helped me get out of the house. I’ve also started exploring some of the walking trails or foot paths around town which has been so refreshing. As ┬ámy cousin Gabrielle likes to say: brisk walks can really help clear your head.

Eating well. This is probably one of the hardest aspects of exam times but can be done. I find that I can have a bit more control over my food if I shop on the healthier side. Of course I believe in treating yourself but making sure I get full meals has really helped me feel fueled for the hours of studying.

A change of scenery. Everybody is different of course but I find that sometimes I start feeling really agitated and sometimes anxious when I’m sitting in the same place for too long. The library and the Starbucks are great spots on campus to get out of your room but still be productive.

Tutorials and revision. At least for law and for myself, I’ve found that attending all the tutorials and revision lectures have been really useful. Obviously it can get very long and maybe even boring, but I’ve found that even just sitting in the lectures can help begin the studying process (probably by osmosis lol).

Well here are some little tips and tricks that I’ve found useful while being at Surrey. For example, Gabrielle and I schedule ourselves a movie night at the theaters this week and it felt so good to be out doing something other than school. We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 which was entertaining and mindless which felt good. Good luck to you if you are also in exams!