A flatmate adventure

Hello again!

The other day, one of my flatmates planned a surprised for another of our flatmates for her birthday. A few of us that live in the building were going to surprise her in Croydon to wish her happy birthday and hang out together. Along with fun company, it was such a beautiful day outside and I have been so wanting to explore more of London. We decided to eat at the Boxpark. This is a pretty neat place that offers a variety of independent restaurants. For lack of a better descriptor, this place feels really hipster. There were a lot of options and the prices were fairly reasonable. We then decided to walk a little bit and found some great green space in front of the Croydon Central Library where we decided to hang out at. There was a beautiful wall of colorful graffiti where we were able to watch an artist at work for a while. It was a really nice time hanging out with some of my flatmates and their friends while enjoying the sunshine. I am so grateful that this opportunity has allowed me to meet such interesting and kind people. I am sad that our time has flatmates is coming to an end soon but I know that we will keep in contact next year.

I think it’s important to get to know your flatmates and organize different activities together. This way you know who you are living with even if that doesn’t lead to friendship. I imagine that without our flatmate dinners first semester, or our late night movie sessions, we may not have gotten very close but I am so happy we did. It makes for a much more positive living experience.