Layovers – Copenhagen

Hello again!

Today I wanted to share with you my experience with long layovers. Recently, on my trip to Finland, I decided to book myself a flight back to England that had a long layover in Copenhagen, Denmark; a city and country that I had never visited before. The layover was about 11 hours long which allowed me plenty of time to travel into the city from the airport and to explore.

I decided to book a free 3-hour walking tour of the city which ended up being the perfect way to explore and see so much of the city in so little time. Here is the website I found the tour at: The tour guide was really fantastic and we got to learn so much about this really beautiful city.

I landed in Copenhagen early in the morning which gave me time to find a really cute cafe where I had coffee with breakfast. After the tour I had time to do a bit of souvenir shopping and revisited the places that I had really enjoyed on the tour. Some of the things we visited on tour were the City Hall, Christiansborg palace, the old City Center, Nyhavn harbour and the Royal Opera.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this very short trip.


I hope this has inspired you to also take advantage of what can be pesky layovers and make the most out of your travels!