Canadian Thanksgiving in England


Something that can be difficult when studying away from home is missing holidays with family. I’ve been so incredibly fortunate to not only be able to go home for Christmas and Easter last year, but also have family come visit here in Guildford for Thanksgiving. My Godparents, Annette and Jacques, have both years now come to England to settle in their two daughters, Gabrielle and Victoria, who are also studying here with me, and stayed for Thanksgiving. This has been such a wonderful event as Victoria trains down from Sheffield to be with us and we invite some friends from school to celebrate as well.

This year we were 10 having dinner together in our new flat. Annette and Jacques not only cooked an incredibly delicious turkey dinner, but Annette also made eight beautiful pies. Everything was so delicious and the company was wonderful. I feel so lucky to have been able to celebrate both Thanksgivings away from home with family.


What is also very excited is that the Canadian Law students, with the help of the director of the JD Pathway Program, Steve Bero, we were able to organize a Thanksgiving dinner later this month. This will be a great opportunity to meet the other Canadians on the program and have some good Sunday roast food.

Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone!