Spring Vacation: Going Home

Hello again!

As I mentioned in my previous post, the University gives us a one month spring vacation around Easter time. Though it can bit a little bit disruptive to have a very long break in the middle of classes, it is also an amazing opportunity to travel and perhaps even go home. During my two years at Surrey, I have decided to go home during this break. The first year I was able to take a significant break from school work because of the way my classes were taught. This year, because the break came closer to the end of term, I needed to utilize this time off to prepare and write my five papers for three of my subjects.

Typically in the law program, your subjects are set up so that two of them are evaluated by papers and two are evaluated by examination. However, during your second and final year, you are able to choose elective subjects. Unfortunately for me, the subjects I chose unbalanced by evaluations so that I had three examinations the first semester and 3 papers the second semester. Nevertheless, I knew this could be done if I worked hard and stayed on top of my work.

Going home was wonderful as I was able to see my family and friends and be in a space that I love. The only thing I would forewarn a person that is thinking of going home is that you will inevitably get distracted… Thus the best thing you can do is to abide to a strict schedule and make sure everyone around you knows that you will be home to work. Fortunately for me, most of my family and friends work day jobs, so I utilized my time during the day to attempt to get the bulk of my work done. Unfortunately for me, I am quite productive in the evenings during the school year so I did get a few bouts of stress while at home feeling a bit guilty that I wasn’t getting more work done. It can be difficult to figure out what is best for you when it comes to studying and what your habits are, especially when it is you first post-graduate experience. Though it came with its fair amount of trial and error, I’ve learned that going back home helps me get refreshed and refocused. Meanwhile, some students prefer remaining at school so as to maintain a focused study mode. It really is about whatever works for you!

Though its been a long semester, and I am still working hard on my papers, I cannot believe my two years at Surrey are already coming to an end with graduation just around the corner! It has been such an incredible experience, filled with its fair amount of school stress, but also adventure, laughter, and friendship! I am so grateful for my time at the University of Surrey.

Now I really must get back to it!