The Royal Wedding

Hello again! As the excitement of the Royal Wedding dies down, I thought I would share with you what my May 19th 2018 consisted of. As you already know, we are in the full swing of coursework and exam season but that did not stop us from taking a little break from our books to partake in the Royal Festivities.

Though we had considered for a tiny second to make our way to Windsor, we did not in fact go through with this plan. We realized that this was quite a fun time to be in England, we knew that it would probably be a bit chaotic getting to and from Windsor. We decided instead to stay in Guildford. I had read up about these street parties called Peace Teas, but there were unfortunately no Peace Teas in our area. Instead, several pubs were showing the wedding on projectors and had special cakes or drinks in celebration of the day. We decided to watch the wedding from home on the Royal Family’s Youtube channel. We were obviously in awe of how beautiful the whole procession was. We then headed into town to have a drink and lunch at the King’s Head. There were a few decorations here and there which was very cute, and the streets were full of people as it was such a beautiful sunny day.


Though definitely not the most exciting day for us students, it was pretty special to be in England during such a big celebration. Now we must wait quite a long time before the next Royal Wedding.