University of Surrey: North America

An insight into life at Surrey from two current Canadian students

A week of Canada-themed law events

Hello! This week was quite exciting for us Canadian law students at the University of Surrey as we had a visit from a special guest: The Honourable R. J. Williams, justice of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, Family Division. The first lecture given by Judge Williams was entitled “Family Law in changing times: Should […]

Guildford Christmas Lights Switch On

Hello! As the mid-semester stress starts to subside a little bit, I thought I would share with you some of the Christmas festivities happening in Guildford. One of my favorite things about England is how well they prepare for Christmas. On November 16th, the whole of Guildford came out onto High Street to watch the […]

Your University Resources – International Support

Hello! Being an international student can sometimes be a bit difficult. You have to think of your Visa, you can’t necessarily find food you miss from home, and you have to deal with the time change. This is why it is so important to know what services are available on campus for us international students. […]

A Canadian surprise on campus

Hello! A little something I miss from home is, of course, the maple syrup! You can accordingly imagine my excitement when I found out through Facebook that there was an event on campus that was offering a free Canadian brunch… with real maple syrup! To no one’s surprise, I signed up immediately. The event was hosted […]

Your University Resources – Accommodation Support

Hello! In continuation with the University Resources series, today I wanted to share with you the different accommodation services and supports that are available to the students whether you are living on or off campus. The University of Surrey’s Accommodation Office: Your first point of contact is the accommodation services. They will contact you during […]

How I stay motivated on long study days

Hello again! As everyone knows, studying all the time is not easy… Getting stuck in a routine can get difficult and staying on top of all of your work feels at times impossible. I know that every semester without fault I start having a hard time keeping up by week three. The initial drive of […]

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