Surrey meets Canada

An insight into life at Surrey from a current Canadian student

The University of Surrey library

Hello again! Although I was never a big fan of studying in the library during my first undergrad, I’ve definitely made use of the University of Surrey’s great facility these past two years. Over the last summer and the beginning of this school year, the library has gone through a major revamp. Between adding extra […]

Free activities and goodies in Guildford!

Hello! Today I thought I would share with you some of the little free treasures my flatmate Gabrielle and I have discovered in Guildford. As a student on a budget, there is no other word that gets me more excited than FREE. So grab a pen and paper and mark these down because I have found […]

Transfer Days: Canada to England

Hello! As I am soon going to complete my tenth trip across to pond to get from home to school, or vice-versa, I thought I would list out all the things I try to do to be as comfortable as possible on the journey over and how I deal with jet lag. I typically travel with 1 […]

Gyms, Yoga and Physical activity – What is there to do in Guildford?

Hello! A big part of staying mentally and physically healthy during your studies is staying active. I thought I would share with you some of the options Guildford has to offer when it comes to physical activities. First, there are the classic gyms. Although this form of physical exercise is definitely not for everyone, Guildford […]

Reading Week: Part 2 – London Theatres

Hello again! Tuesday I wrote about the different London museums I was able to visit during my reading week. Today I wanted to write about the different theatres I was also able to visit during that time. It was a very happy coincidence that my good friend Heather was finishing a one month placement in […]

Reading Week: Part 1 – Visiting London’s museums

Hello! I cannot believe reading week has already come and gone… On to my next and final semester at Surrey. Despite having lived 40 minutes from London for a year and a half now, I have only visited the City once… Once! So I thought that for this reading week, rather than planning a bigger […]

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