A year’s worth of words

This blog has been going for a year and a bit now. Above is a word cloud made from my posts over this time. This used Wordle – which is dead easy to use. I guess the big ‘science’ is not a suprise, but it also appears that I have a droplet obsession. Who knew.

If you don’t know how word clouds work, they are very simple. The size of the word is proportional to the number of times it appears in whatever text was used to fed in – in this case my posts. So as my posts use the word science a lot of times, it is shown very large in the plot.

I like the juxta position of jelly-like and sandwiched in the top corner (if you click on the image you get a bigger image where you can see the smaller words), and you can also see my newspaper of choice too.

Also, if you are doing my statistical physics questions on Wednesday, good luck and maybe the word cloud I made from the notes will help:

It does seem to me to include the key words: energy is important of course, and the most important energy in statistical physics, the thermal energy is there. The thermal energy is written as kT, i.e., the product of Boltzmann’s constant k and the temperature (in K). But note that Wordle struggled with the Greek letters, the funny looking q’s should be the letter ε. I usually denote the energy of a state with the greek letter ε.