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An MPhys Research Year in Virginia

I have just completed a trip to Jefferson Laboratory in Virginia, USA.  I came because we have a University of Surrey Physics student on placement at the lab as part of his Research Year, and I was visiting him.  All Surrey MPhys students on Physics programmes (“Physics” and “Physics with …”) have a compulsory Research […]

Dr Keeble

Today, James Keeble became Dr Keeble by passing his PhD viva. Congratulations, James! His thesis was on the use of machine learning techniques in understanding atomic nuclei, applying neural networks to build up the fundamental quantum mechanical quantity that describes microscopic systems: The wave function. A part of his thesis work has already been published […]

Congratulations, 2022 graduates!

Today was the graduation ceremony for our 2022 cohort of students. It’s the first time I’ve attended in person for a few years, thanks to pandemic restrictions. It was a hot day to dress up in academic dress, but I, along with a selection of other intrepid academics from Physics (and also the Electronic Engineering […]

The 2018 Physics Nobel Prize

By Professor Jeremy Allam, University of Surrey You might have seen yesterday’s announcement of the 2018 Nobel Prize for Physics. Here’s my attempt to explain the work of two of the recipients, with a bit more detail than most of the press releases – but hopefully not too much physics jargon. Why were Donna Strickland […]

Paper from an MPhys student

Our MPhys students in the Physics Department at Surrey all go off for a year–long research placement as part of their undergraduate master’s programme.  They join research groups and get actively involved in the ongoing research projects.  It is very much not an experience of “this is what research is like” but rather “this is research – […]

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