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Guest post by Arnau Rios Huguet: Close encounters of the PhD kind

I’m from Barcelona (and I really mean it, unlike the Swedish band). Most of you might know the city for its prodigious football team, its gorgeous architectural masterpieces or its unique gastronomical scene. But Barcelona is also a key player in the international scientific scene. Among others, the city is a hub for biosciences, hosts […]

Science is international

Science is an international activity. Starting in about a month I will be teaching partial differential equations to our second years, and many of the equations I will be teaching are named after their discoverers, mostly French guys from the early nineteenth century. Needless to say the equations that govern electromagnetism in France in the […]

Christmas, the perfect time to read up on the failure statistics of A/C units of Boeing 720 airliners

Trans Polar Boeing 720 Söderström

In addition to eating too much, watching too much rubbish tv, and maybe drinking a little too much too, I have been reading a paper on the statistics of times-between-failures of air conditioning units of Boeing 720 airliners. These airliners are now obsolete, as I guess are the air conditioning units – the paper is from 1963. But the paper is a classic, the maths in it is relatively formal but the idea is simple.

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