Smart Nanomaterials this Wednesday

Dr Ting The latest of the series of Institute of Physics (IoP) branch talks that I organise takes place this Wednesday, 2nd April.  The speaker is Dr Valeska Ting, of the University of Bath, and she will be talking about materials which are specially engineered to be able to story very high densities of hydrogen gas thanks to their particular nano-porous structure.  I can’t really go into too much more detail yet, since I haven’t seen the talk, and am not an expert in the topic, but I’m looking forward to learning more.

The talk will take place in Lecture Theatre D (a.k.a. The Griffiths Theatre) at 7pm on Wednesday.  As ever for these IoP talks, the talk is free to attend, and unticketed – just turn up for a 7pm start.  There is a facebook event page, for those who wish to optionally register an interest.

The picture attached to this post is, of course, Dr Ting.  For more details of her work, see her University of Bath page.